Shepherd's Services & Support

Shepherd's core analytics product provides cloud-based analysis and alerting for critical assets and environments. This is billed monthly based on the number of sensor-streams being analysed with discounts based on scale.

Every Shepherd customer receives billing and subscription support, access to our online self-help services and unlimited access to our help-desk ticketing system.

Premium Support

Any customer may choose to upgrade to a premium support service with a quicker SLA and a dedicated account manager. The service costs an additional 20% of the analytics price.

Master Licence & Distributor Options

Licences are sold in two forms: Master Licence Holders and Distribution. Master Licence Holders pay an annual fee to resell Shepherd's service and obtain price breaks for all streams from all customers beneath them. Distributors make a commmission on any customers they bring to the platform. Each customer receives price breaks based on scale.


Shepherd’s service can be white-labelled for any client of the Master Licence Holder if that client pays an up-front, annual white-labelling fee of £1,500 ex VAT. white-labelling is not available to clients of Distributors.

Hardware Connectivity & Management

Shepherd and its subsidiary, Connected Engineering Services Ltd, can supply hardware to customers and we offer a Connectivity and Management service with this hardware. This includes consultancy, on-site training, returns management and connectivity fees for all connected data aggregation devices supplied.

This package includes training of the clients' staff and a specified number of support hours per year for hardware related issues.

General Services Rate-card for ad hoc services: £1,000 per day for on-site training (for a maximum of 6 attendees per session) and £600 per day for hardware consultancy and installation. All prices ex VAT and sums will be payable in advance.